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Internship - Data Science/Human centered Computing (m/f) - Graz - Virtual Vehicle

Date Wed, 15 May 2019 14:11:59 +0200
From "Herzog, Georg" <Georg.Herzog***AT***>
Subject Internship - Data Science/Human centered Computing (m/f) - Graz - Virtual Vehicle
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Organization Technische Universitaet Graz
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VIRTUAL VEHICLE is a leading international R&D center for the automotive and rail industries. The center focuses on advanced virtualization of vehicle devel-opment. This linking of numerical simulations and hardware testing leads to a powerful HW-SW system design.


'Planning, execution, and analysis of psychological studies in the transport domain'

For the planning, execution, and analysis of field and simulator studies in the field of transportation, Virtual Ve-hicle is seeking students in the areas of psychology, human factors, or sociology. Also, students in computer science with the focus on HCI or students in data science are sought. If you are passionate about applied re-search that links humans with technology, this represents a great opportunity for you!

1) Literature Research
2) Execution of empirical Data collections
3) Data cleaning and preparation of various data types (unstructured, qualitative data…)
4) Data summarization and statistical analysis

1) Ongoing study in the area of psychology, com-puter science, human factors, human computing, data science or similar 2) Good knowledge in literature search, scientific methodology, data collection and analysis, interpretation and documentation
3) Programming knowledge (Python, R, or similar) is desirable
4) Ability to communicate and work in teams as well as perform independent work
5) Interest in addressing applied research topics using scientific methods

1) Collaboration and contribution in an engaged, dy-namic team
2) Interesting work in an international research center
3) Mentoring programme
4) Professional and personal development oppor-turnities
5) Diverse sports and health activities
6) Corporate events
7) Possibility to continue the work after the comple-tion of the internship during the summer

For technical questions, please contact
Norah Neuhuber,

Your Contact:
Georg Herzog / Recruiting / + 43- 316- 873- 9028

Kompetenzzentrum – Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Inffeldgasse 21a, 8010 Graz
hr***AT*** / + 43- 316- 873- 9001