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Paid Diploma/Master's Thesis at RCPE

Date Tue, 21 May 2019 12:05:02 +0200
From Lorenz-Kurz Susanne <susanne.lorenz-kurz***AT***>
Subject Paid Diploma/Master's Thesis at RCPE
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Organization Technische Universitaet Graz
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Screening of Methods for Generation and Measurement of Reactive Excipient Impurities
			Ref.Nr. DA123

To dedicated students of Physical organic chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, Pharmacy or related disciplines, we offer an opportunity to write a paid Diploma/Master’s thesis. The project is conducted in close cooperation with pharmaceutical industry.

The aim of Diploma/Master thesis is to screen the methods to generate reactive excipient impurities (RIs) including peroxide and free radicals (reactive oxygen species). Different approaches such as milling of the excipients, oxygen purging, spiking etc., will be employed. The other innovative approaches will also be envisaged as part of thesis. In next step, quantitative estimations of the RIs will be targeted using appropriate analytical techniques (eg ESR spectroscopy, colorimetric estimations.)

WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THIS DIPLOMA/ MASTER’S THESIS WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING: + Extensive participation in a top-level and industrially relevant research project in an international environment
 	+ Supervised training in the task
+ Assistance of experienced staff with the implementation of innovative ideas + Access to highly modern infrastructure on campus of Graz University of Technology
 	+ Assistance with the publication of results
+ Adequate compensation and opportunities for personal and professional development

FINANCING: Compensation on the basis of a service contract

If you are interested in writing your thesis at the interface between university research and indus-try/business and to contribute to the optimization of product and process development in the pharmaceuti-cal industry, please contact us indicating the reference number.

Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH
Sandra Resl
Inffeldgasse 13, A-8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 316 873-30904