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Re: EEF File Format

Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 19:05:11 +0200
From Alois Schlögl <alois.schloegl***AT***>
Subject Re: EEF File Format
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Cc Robert Oostenveld <roberto***AT***>, Yiqing Liang <yqliang***AT***>
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The identification of the file format is now implemented in a separate function (GETFILETYPE.M). It's uploaded to the CVS-repository.


Robert Oostenveld wrote:

This was actually the reason for me (in my own read_fcdc_data/header wrapper that you might recall) to implement a separate detection, i.e. the filetype.m function. That function gives back a meaingfull description, but also can be used to test whether a file is of a particular type. It was inspired on the very nice general unix command "file" (see


PS Alois: this message is mainly intended to try out whether I can post to the group, so I don't expect any follow up.

Yiqing Liang wrote:
 >> ...

files. How I can use a software to read that file since I do not know its format all? Does it mean that I have to take try-and-erro to figure out the format first, and then write some code to read it? Is there anything that can facilitate this process? Thanks, --Yiqing Liang