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Release 1.40 available

Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:56:54 +0100
From Alois Schlögl <alois.schloegl***AT***>
Subject Release 1.40 available
Newsgroups tu-graz.biosig
Organization Technische Universitaet Graz
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Xref archive tu-graz.biosig:19

New features and functions:

+ Wrapper function for Training (TRAIN_SC) and
testing of statistical (TEST_SC) classifiers.

+ Multiclass LDA (LDBC2, LDBC3, LDBC4)

+ triggered loading (TLOAD) with artifact rejection

+ Support for Walter-Graphtek (WG1)-dataformat
+ Improved support for Physiobank data

+ COV in the NaN-toolbox is compatible with Matlab-systax of COV
+ SUMSKIPNAN can be compiled with ML6 and ML7

+ improved installer