HL7 aECG to SCP converter

From: Alois Schloegl <alois.schloegl ***AT***first.fraunhofer.de>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 16:25:23 +0200
Subject: HL7 aECG to SCP converter
Newsgroups: tu-graz.biosig
Organization: Technische Universitaet Graz
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Dear all,

There is another major release of BioSig4C++ containing a much improved version of the bidirectional converter between HL7aECG and the SCP-ECG (EN1064) data format.

The new version is available again from

Many problems, including all crucial issues are fixed. An extensive testing was performed, so we are confident that the converter is rather stable, and can be recommended for data conversion between SCP-ECG(EN1064) and HL7aECG. Although the latest version is well tested by us, we would appreciate further testing from outside.

- Scaling of the data is corrected.
- Support for demographic information is improved. Name, Gender,
  Birthday, Weight and Height of patients are correctly propagated
- Physical units are supported (using ISO11073 / IEEE1073 encoding)
- On-the-fly (de-)compression using zlib (gzip) is supported and tested for SCP, GDF and few other formats. - Tested on big and little endian, 32bit and 64bit platforms (i386, amd64, ppc64)
- Support of further data formats included
- Several testing functions are included

Known/open issue(s):

The following fields of SCP-ECG are not converted to HL7.
= Mandatory fields (prEN1064:2007 p.18, chp not propagated to HL7:
- time zone information, (tag34, section 1)
- "ID of acquiring device" (tag14, section 1)
= "Highly recommended" fields (prEN1064:2007 p.18, chp not propagated to HL7:
- "ID of analysing device", Patient first name,
= Other fields of the SCP-ECG standard,
- section 1: blood pressure, medication, etc
- section 4 (QRS location), 7 (global measurements), 8-11 (interpretative statements)

The following fields of HL7aECG are not converted to SCP-ECG.
- study, treatment group, clinical trial, clinical trial protocol, trial sponsor, investigator etc.

I'd appreciate your opinion/remark/feedback, and any (unknown) problem with the converter.

Best wishes,