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Updating license to "GPL3 or later"

Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 01:00:17 +0200
From schloegl <a.schloegl***AT***>
Subject Updating license to "GPL3 or later"
Newsgroups tu-graz.biosig
Organization Technische Universitaet Graz
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Dear colleagues, contributors and users of BioSig ,

BioSig is currently licensed with the GNU GPL version2 drafted in 1991. As you might know, a new version of the GNU GPL, the version 3 has been released. The new version is available here GPL v3 addresses some threats, such as Tivoization, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Software Patents that have not bee anticipated in 1991. More background information is available from Groklaw
The most important aspect for BioSig is probably the improved protection from software patents.

I do not anticipate an urgent need for such protection, still it is better to be save than sorry. In order to protect our working field from the patent threats, using GPL v3 is better than GPL v2.

For this reasons, I'm suggesting to change the license of BioSig.
The upgrade should not not be very difficult, in most cases (BioSig for OctMat and BioSig4C++) there is the language of "GPL v2 or later" in place. SigViewer and rtsBCI have a GPL v2 license.

If you hold any copyrights in BioSig, but you have not been contacted yet, please let me know so I can update by contact list. Furthermore, if your code is not licensed with "GPL 2 or later", but "GPL 2 only" I do need an explicit agreement from you, in order to be able changing to GPL v3.

Best regards,