Re:LF1M: P1.a (Crypto) P2.c (Android)

From: Gabriel Ortner <ortner ***AT***>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:24:51 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re:LF1M: P1.a (Crypto) P2.c (Android)
Organization: Technische Universitaet Graz
Message-id: <ntl31j$s31$>
References: <ntkunc$uv6$>
Due to a short-term departure from our group, we're looking for an 
additional member to fill the vacant spot for P1.a (Crypto Challenge) 
and P2.c (Android).

We don't need you to bring any prior knowledge beyond what the course 
requires, but commitment, punctuality and a willingness to learn are 
highly appreciated.

If you're interested, contact me via email (and do it soon - remember, 
the deadline hits tomorrow).

if you're still looking for an additional member, I would be happy to participate in your group.

I am looking forward to her from you soon.

Kind regards,
  Ortner Gabriel